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Tiama’at  (pronounced “Tea uh ma ott”) is a beautiful, graceful, green dragon with golden aura. She has golden fire that comes from her mouth, but it’s more like light than actual fire as we know it. She said she specifically chose Lapis Lazuli because of it’s abilities and connectedness to ancient Kemit (Egypt) and it’s beauty.

Tiama’at is a bringer of peace and enlightenment. She shines her light on humanity activating those whose vibration is ready for the next advancement. She creates ‘chance’ meetings with the right people. She puts you at the right place at the right time.

Tiama’at teaches you to lead with your heart, not so much your head. She says where we are going - is most important now. You don’t need to necessarily know the why’s things happen as much as the feeling that it’s right, like the right place to go, the right thing to say, or the right person to interact with.

Tiama’at brings connectedness to all, which will bring peace. She makes you truly realize that revenge or envy only bring pain upon yourself. It disconnects you then you feel lost and alone and don’t even know why.

Tiama’at has a gentle, loving mother energy, a patient teacher. She does not bring you pain in order to heal, she brings the realization that you bring the pain upon yourself. You create your world and at any moment you can choose to change it.

Tiama’at brings aha moments. She reconnects you to your heart chakra and green healing energy.

Tiama’at is a great astral travel companion, as all Dragons are. Dragons are thought to bring fire an destruction, but she breathes out higher awareness, wisdom and connectedness as one. Tiama’at teaches the same lessons as in the Law of One. She is a great companion to study this with.

Work with her and she will fully activate your heart chakra and help heal you.

Tiama’at can be cleansed by the smoke of sage, or incense or the fire of the sun. Set her in the sun for a few minutes after the smoke cleansing.

Tiama’at is a pre-activated 4" L Lapis Lazuli Dragon Skull weighing 9.5 ounces.


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