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Sea Dragon

Tiamat is a Sea Dragon who coerces the waves with grace and charm. 

Tiamat has a positive attitude towards life.

He can influence the waves and uplift the creatures and even people around him.

Tiamat’s presence alway leaves a good impression on others, he is very popular and polite.

Tiamat likes to make friend’s and socialize in generally, but he will also retreat just like the tides to spent time in solitude, which is very good to replenish the soul.

Tiamat is very physically fit, he has great endurance and perseverance he can always accomplish anything well.

The Water Dragon also have strong physiques and are full of energy this fortitude is what he’s all about.

Tiamat will help you have the stamina you need to get thing’s done, stay social and retreat for spiritual rest and healing.

To work with Tiamat sit in meditation and clear your mind of any chaotic or static energy.

First ground yourself to the earth, visualize the rhythmic motion of sea  and feel yourself drift in the gentle cradle of waves.

Here you are safe to dream and begin to manifest your blessings.

Ask Tiamat for help with balancing life’s challenges or special requests and healings. Thank Him for his service.

Tiamat is facilitator of the Scaral Chaka and he is a 4" Lapis Lazuli Conscious Dragon Crystal Skull ready to be shipped now.



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