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Tickle is a high vibrational laughing skull

She’s absolutely full of love and joy!

Tickle will literally make you feel happier when you where her!
No more Blues!

Think to when a little ladybug  land’s

on your arm and begins to walk up to say hello, and you just can’t help embracing that simple joyful moment and of course …..It tickles! 

Tickle is your heart desire, a baby’s laughter, a kiss that makes your knees week. 

Tickle is little joys in life the make special moments sparkle 

Tickle will attract new friends, animals and little kids when you wear her.

You will join in on her vibration of happiness and bliss and radiate her magic! 

To work with Tickle simple wear her and state aloud everything you are grateful for and everything that makes you happy.

Ask Tickle for more of this and Thank her for her service.

Tickle is facilitator of the Heart Chakra and she has been created out of a pre-activated Quartz Crystal and Sterling Silver. Moderate sizing included. 


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