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Tiger Eye

Is a Feline Being appearing as a woman’s looking body with a tiger head.

She guides and protects you as you explore the upper realms.

Tiger Eye has come to help you open your third eye. You may have been doing third eye work or are just hearing about it.

She teaches you how to raise your frequency enough to have clear vision with all three eyes. She says that opening your inner eye will also affect your outer eyes vision. You will see clearer and your surroundings will look brighter, and colours more vibrant.

Your eyesight may improve as you make new neural connections in your brain connecting all three eyes.

You will be able to see into the other side. To see what is there in front of you yet vibrates at a higher frequency and is, therefore, invisible to others. You will see beings or loved ones standing before you clearly. You will know that you are using your inner eye and that others are unaware of their presence. You may see premonitions of future or current events or information that you should have no way of knowing, or visit ancient lands you have never seen in this life, etc.

Tiger Eye will show you how to decalcify your eye/pineal gland. The chemicals in the processed food, the low frequencies, and the fluoride and chlorine in the water is turning your inner eye into a rock.

Your inner eye is a crystal. A crystal that is connected to all other crystals on Earth. It is connected to the Akashic Records crystals too. Information running along the crystalline network is available to you, but you must first clear off your inner eye. Meet Tiger Eye in meditation and she will walk you through it. It takes some time. It is not a one time thing. It takes practice and discipline.

Sit with Tiger eye and hold her. Raise her to your forehead and allow her to shine her light frequency into your third eye. It will start getting warm. When your arms get tired you may lower her, but keep her at head level in you inner sight. Imagine her still there. After the connection has been made her energy will remain there as long as you hold that vision and intend it to. Now imagine that you shrink down into a tiny person, you may take the little skull with you. Imagine going deep into your mind/brain. Down a spiral staircase in the center of your head into the chamber that holds your pineal gland/ inner eye. Notice the neural pathway connections lighting up, with source energy through Tiger Eye, all around you and making new connections. When you reach the third eye/ pineal gland you see that it is cloudy looking. You take out a chisel and start scraping off the outer layer. Scrape it all off until you see the shiny clear quartz crystal. Then take a soft rag and begin buffing it up until it shines so bright like a little light lit from the inside. Intend for it to stay clear and you may return back up the spiral staircase and into your awareness. Thank Tiger Eye for her help and ask for her help any time you need it. She wants to help.

You may have a head ache for a few days that you can pin point to the very center of your head, deep inside where your third eye is now shining and giving out a higher frequency than before. You may feel it throbbing or pulsing as your third eye gives off its new fuller power charge. Ask your body to help you assimilate this higher frequency. Rest until you feel you need to do the meditation again. Keep doing it until you know without a doubt that your third eye is clear now. You will know.

Tiger Eye will help you integrate these new higher frequencies into your body so they stay and show you how to use your new powers of the sight of three. Then you will learn how to access the crystalline information network, and may start helping others open their all seeing eye.

Cleanse Tiger Eye in running water, sage or with Crystal singing bowls frequencies.

Tiger Eye is a pre-activated recon Amber Crystal Skull.

Tiger Eye

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