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High Priest of fire from the Polynesian island.
Tiki shows himself as a male with facial markings. He wears an ornate headdress and has a sweet smile and loving energy.

Tiki works with connecting you with your ancestors to receive their guidance.
He assists you with grounding work and helps you connect deeply to Gaia.

Tiki also teaches you how to remove self-doubt and strengthen intuition.
He opens the world to the spirit world by assisting you with astral projection.
Know that Tiki offers protection while you are sleeping and exploring the astral realm.
Meditate with Tiki when possible, he enjoys praying and giving gratitude to Gaia along with you.
Place him close to you while you are sleeping. His energy comes through dreams and visions.
Spend time doing dream journal or intuitive journaling if you feel called.
Always give Tiki your gratitude. Cleanse him with love, prayers, and sage.

Tiki is a pre-activated 1 1/2" Carnelian Crystal Skull. 


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