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Titan is a Mountain Giant. He is the spirit of the mountain. He was once a great giant that roamed the Earth and now he sits patiently. He is the mountain. He says he does not sit quietly however, as the mountain used to be a volcano. He will not be released from this life until the volcano speaks again. Then his silence will be broken with a boom for all to hear. Titan found a way to interact with others through the stone of the crystal skull. It allows him to telepathically communicate with others during his silence. A loop hole! He will live as the mountain for thousands of years total. He will still technically be silent, while communicating telepathically through the skull. He has not broken his agreement. If he helps humanity then God will hold him in favor. He emphasizes that his agreement was made with himself and no one else. This makes the agreement of the highest importance.

Titan says that all stones, crystals, mountains, etc., that are made of the Earth can communicate with each other. Like a network of tribes.

He wants to help humanity as he can feel their pain and suffering. He does his part with the people and animals around him, offering grounding and he helps absorb the energies they need to release. He is so big that these energies do not affect him the way smaller beings are effected. He absorbs them and sends them down even deeper into the Earth.

Titan says he can help you ground and release energies that are not serving you well. He can anchor your energy. For those that work in the spiritual realm and tend to loose their footing to the Earth, seemingly floating away. He will grab your leg and pull you back down. It is important that the higher vibrational energies are brought down and anchored into the physical earth. This will raise her vibration/frequency. Titan wants to help you with that.

Titan teaches you how to get quiet and feel your way through things. Really be present in your body and use it as an anchor for your spiritual work. Your body is of great importance in spiritual work. It is your very connection to Earth and humanity. Like the stones and mountains humanity is all connected and can communicate with each other. They already are, but few realize it. Do you sense when someone is going to call you, or someone is hurting, or when you shouldn’t go somewhere at a certain time only to find out there was an accident there? You not only pick up information from the spiritual realm, but through the Earth and others upon it as well.

Titan wants you to take out the time to be completely present. Smell the flowers and look up to the sky in awe. Walk barefoot on the Earth and really feel the difference in your body. Garden and get to know the plant kingdom. Talk to the Earth and plant kingdoms, they are your medicine and what sustains you. Show them gratitude, love and respect, and they will return these to you.

Love on the animals and respect them as the sentient beings they are. They are your brothers and sisters. You are one. As it is with everything.

Titan will show you how you are all connected and may teach you how to telepathically communicate with everything around you. He will teach you how to get quiet and just listen. You will start to only want to talk about things that are important to you, not just talking to be making noise. You will lose interest in what others are doing, like celebrities, as you become more present in your body.

Titan is especially great for Air signs, but everyone will learn these things.

Take Titan out with you and sit with him in nature, or just outside, or at a park, etc. You may feel like you start to feel what the plants are feeling, or swear the trees are playing music in the wind. You will feel a great shift in the energy around you and time will slow so you can truly enjoy it all.

Cleanse Titan by placing him on the Earth, with running water, or saging him. Set him in your plant if it seems to need a little tlc and to ground him/reset him.


Tyger Eye Crystal Skull, measures 2.25 inches 


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