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Toro comes from a planet much like Earth, but unknown to most of humanity at this time. His planet is lush, green and tropical. The weather is always nice and the plants flourish. The plants, animals and beings there all communicate through feeling and telepathy. The can feel each other and speak to each other. It’s so beautiful. Like the garden of Eden was described. Like perfection. It looks like Heaven on Earth.

Toro says that Earth is becoming this way as well. That the people here, the animals and plants are all beginning to feel each other and understand each other. Their planet is like where Earth is headed. There is such peace there. No need to argue or fight over anything. Everyone and everything is thriving in its own way.

Toro has come to help humanity get there more quickly or at least help as many as he can through the adjustment stages.

Toro wants to teach you compassion, understanding and unconditional love. Both for yourself and all other beings. He wants to teach humanity non judgement too. Both of yourself, others and circumstances. Each being is doing the best they can at any given moment, with what they have. People only hurt others when they are hurting or have been hurt. Lead by example and help Toro show the people what is possible when you hold no judgement or attachment to outcomes.

Toro will help you learn to communicate with your surroundings and all of the beings in it, including the plant life. He loves being outdoors and barefoot in nature, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself doing this too.

Toro will teach you to live from your heart and a place of love and empathy. He will restore in you what the 3D world has taken from most of humanity. Don’t be surprised if you quit your job, sell everything and go travel the world. Toro is an explorer. He loves to see new places and things. Take him with you on your adventures. If you never go on adventures, then be prepared to start feeling a pull towards it. You will soon be hooked, when exploring with Toro. You will want to see more and more as your imagination grows about all the possibilities and adventures that lie ahead.

Sit with Toro in meditation and he will show you his world and how you can live more in tune with yours. Sit under a tree to meditate with him sometimes.

Ask Toro anything. He wants to teach and be your companion.

Cleanse and reenergize Toro by placing him on the Earth. Sage him and rinse him in running water. You can place him in a planter next to your favorite plant while you are out, to give him company.

Toro is a Pre-Activated Green Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull measuring 2 1/2"L and weighing 4.1 ounces. 


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