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Sirius is a protective Star Being from the Avian race and who lives in the 6th dimension. He appears as a large eagle and he also has a humanoid form.
Sirius helps you raise your frequency while assisting you in dropping dense energy in order to heal your karmic cycles.
Sirius is an ideal companion for individuals who are advanced on their spiritual journey.
The more you expand, the more Sirius will grow with you showing you higher perspectives in life so that you master your lessons with ease.
To connect with Sirius, meditate with him and hold him close to your third eye chakra. He's always happy to share his wisdom and teachings to help you to grow. 
Sirius is a black Fully-Activated Shungite Crystal Skull weighing 11.1 ounces and measuring  2"W

3 1/2"L  2 1/2"H.


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