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Tuck is a rock pillar spirit of an enchanted forest. 

A protector against radiation. 

Tuck is a powerful barrier of protection. He protects you from energies that are unseen, and keeps you purified. He helps to keep your headspace clear, and your neurons firing beautifully.

Tuck would love to be put in your work space, near your computer. To help protect you and also aid in your work flow + ideas. 

He also brings in his knowledge of nutrition, and he encourages you to care for your gut health. Tuck inspires your body to start talking to you through craving shifts. You will notice your tongues palette change. He also reminds you to take time to eat, to nourish your body. 

Tuck is a facilitator of the Solar Plexus + Crown Chakra.

Tuck is a medium size pre-activated Shungite Crystal Skull that measures 2"L  2"H & 1.5"W


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