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I am a female hunter from the Cassiopeia star system. My kin and I live side by side with nature.
We dwell inside structures built in the branches of tall giant trees.
My homeland is beautiful. Our surrounding is a lush, thick forest where waterfalls cascade down the mountains.
Unlike busy human-made cities, my village is peaceful and sacred. It’s a place of healing where one feels safe and belongs.
You can call me Huntress since hunting is my specialty. I take pride in my hunting skill, and I combine my skill with compassion.
These feelings of peace and compassion are what I am offering to you. I want to assist you in transforming yourself to a higher degree.
I will remind you of the peaceful feeling your soul craves and I will deliver it to you through my teaching. I will show you my way of connecting with nature through the heart chakra.
I will guide you to connect with the energies of plants and animals that will heal, soothe, and open your heart.
With me as your guide, I will help you to ground your energy body to merge with the nurturing energy of Mother Nature.
I will take you on a journey where you can let go of your stress and worries. I will take you to a place where you can rejuvenate and feed your soul.


Sterling Silver 16" Turquoise handwired Necklace with a natural handcarved Turquoise Skull.


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