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Is a Shaman Healer.
He assists with connecting you to the Divine.

He also assists with strengthening your intuition, and he will help you heal yourself with compassion. Umebo believes that service to others invites healing energy through compassion.
To work with Umebo, sit down while holding him with both hands. Start your meditation with prayer and set your intention. Do deep breathing exercises until you feel grounded. Envision a brilliant white light coming down through your crown chakra and anchor the light in your heart chakra. It is normal to feel a tingling sensation on your crown during this process. Have an open heart and let Umebo’s energy manifest the best way for you. Be present and feel Divine energy heal your heart and fill your heart with love and compassion. You might experience some visions to guide you while you meditate with Umebo.
Place Umebo close to you when you do tarot reading or doing energy work.
Cleanse Umebo with sage and charge him under the full moon.

Also, place Umebo close to you while you are sleeping. He is a 2" pre-activated Nummitte Crystal Skull.


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