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Is a celestial spirit.

She was born outside of our solar system a long time ago.
She guards our night sky and the stars.
Union operates from the frequency of love.
Her dress is adorned with stars. She has long hair, and her aura is bright white. Bright like a star.
Union expresses herself through poetry.
She assists you with sacred Union with yourself.
She believes when you love yourself unconditionally, you awaken the light and magic within you.
Union will guide you to the journey of self-love. She will heal past hurt and help you free yourself from the limitations you placed on yourself.
She will assist you in shedding layers of yourself that are not the authentic you.
Union’s energy helps to attract your soul tribe and fulfilling connection, but that starts with you.
Spend some time sitting with Union to receive her guidance and energy. Journal your session after.
Carry Union with you as much as you feel called, and place her close to you while sleeping.
Union likes to send you her energy through your dreams as well.
Give Union your love and gratitude and cleanse her with sage.

She is a pre-activated 3"Black Obsidian Skull 


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