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Is a high-frequency 9th-dimensional being who comes from Elven’s realm. The Elves are high vibrational multidimensional beings who possess strong white magic and they are deeply connected with the universe. They speak the language of Mother Gaia, and they communicate with the cosmos. They are very spiritual beings who are ancient and wise.

Unity an assist you by connecting you with the spirit realm. She opens the connection to your spirit guides and ancestors and helps you open up more to receiving their guidance. She works with your heart chakra and helping you utilize your heart space to strengthen your intuition and awaken your soul’s magic. She is able to assist you with tarot card reading and energy reading and she will lend you her sight and ability to read energy. Her ability to connect with all beings in the universe makes Unity a great teacher. She will share her wisdom and her higher perspectives, so don’t hesitate to ask for her help. She can help you transmute dense emotions as well as help you feel grounded. Unity enjoys nature so place her on a flower bed or near a tree when you feel called. Meditate while holding her close to your heart to connect with her. Her energy manifests in the form of vision.
Give her your sincere gratitude and cleanse her with spring water and prayers.

Unity is a pre-activated elongated Green Obsidian Crystal Skull.



More Information:

Unity shows herself as a tall and slender female with long black hair and fair skin, wearing a long green dress and a small crown.


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