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Urraca is a beautiful black and white Maggie vibration.

She has an outgoing and vibrant personality with a charming sense of humor. She is very sociable and friendly.

Urraca’s gift is conversation and drawing people together and friendships into her circle. Urraca teaches you how to master the art of persuasion, all while showing you how to avoid superficiality.

She is a positive powerhouse of joyful energy. ️

Urraca helps lift the Blues and sees life though her Rose colored glasses, she’s a true optimist. To work with Urraca focus fully on positive intentions before wearing your necklace. Sitting in meditation daily, charging each turquoise bead will help bring a clear picture of your manifestation’s, Dreams and goals to fruition. 

Take time out for yourself and enjoy the little things in life with a grateful happy heart. 

Urraca is a facilitator of the Heart Chakra. 

Urraca is a pre-activated Turquoise 108 Japa Skull Mala handmade with Turquoise, pyrite and accent bone beads. 


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