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Heavenly Being

Gods vibration of Gold.

Verona wants you to know that every step taken by a beloved human is Recognized to be extremely valuable, full of unlimited potential. 

She wants you to understand that you are worthy of all things wonderful and more precious than all the earthly riches to the heavenly universe.

Verona has a high vibrational golden frequency harmonizing and

Balancing with your own energy field.

She help’s manifest pure Joy and Golden opportunities! 

Verona will help connect with the Angels and guardians bringing about your miracles.

Verona is all about vibrant health and attracting a joyous life.

Working with Verona will add a glow to your skin and a smile to your face.

Verona works only with golden light, and a high pitched frequency (you may hear this frequency when she’s called into service for you) she makes everything brilliant and sparkly in your world.

Verona nurtures your spiritual growth and expands compassion in the heart. 

To work with Verona become present, and groundedshift your focus on gratitude, feel the channel of blessings and joy loving kindness being to fill your space with heavenly presence. 

Closing your eyes see the golden light flood down from heaven surrounding you with protection. Let the golden light fill your heart with pure love and radiate happiness and blessings to you and all around you. 

You will feel completely happy and content, opening up to the future possibility’s and positive outcomes.

Relax and release any tension and anxieties, give thanks believing all you desire has be accomplished.

Verona is facilitator of the Heart Chakra.

Verona is a pre-activated 3 1/2" Iron Quartz Crystal Skull weiging slightly under one pound. 


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