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Sun King

All things regal and exquisite are at your fingertips.

Wearing Versailles is the emboldened spirt of opulence.

Versailles is making his presence known whenever he walks into a room. Versailles is a power Skull and has an aer of respect from those around him.

In no way is Versailles snobbish or cold in fact… he is the servant of his people and their well being comes first and foremost.

That said, the lavishly lifestyle just comes naturally to him, and that’s what he means to bring into your world!

To work with Versailles put him on facing towards you and focus on what you’d like to bring into the present, it’s fine, as much or as little it doesn’t matter.

Give thanks and turn him outward on your fingers and that’s it!

Do tell everyone how wonderful he is to hear your request and work in your favor. Kings really enjoy praise and glory! 

Versailles is a Unisex Sterling Silver handcrafted ring in a size 10 


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