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Vizier Ibrahim spent his lifetime dedicating his life serving the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire as a Grand Vizier.
Ibrahim is known as a wise and brilliant man. As a grand Vizier, Ibrahim was tasked with many important things like being a political advisor to help the Sultan to succeed.
He shows himself as a muscular man with an olive complexion. He has a white and gold turban and he has mustache.
What distinct Ibrahim from the other vizier is the relationship he had with himself. He loved to sit in solitude with his soul. Ibrahim’s never stopped improving himself, and he is coming to assist you in elevating your life to the next level.
As a vizier, Ibrahim will teach you the necessary skills you need to succeed in life. Ibrahim knows, successful and fulfilling life has to have a balance between spirituality and the physical aspects.
Ibrahim works with your solar plexus to assist you with courage. Courage to follow your dreams and be authentic to yourself. Courage to set boundaries and honor yourself.
He also works with your heart chakra teaching you how to have a close relationship with your soul. Ibrahim wants your soul to be your number one advisor. He believes when you follow your heart, you will lead a fulfilling and happy life. He will guide you on how to be honest with yourself.
Connect with Ibrahim with an open and sincere heart, and let his energy assist you with strategies to ascend spiritually and enjoy your life to the fullest.
Reflect on your meditation with intuitive writing after. Cleanse Ibrahim with the smoke of incense and give him your gratitude. Ibrahim is a Fully-Activated high definition Tiger Eye Crystal Skull. 


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