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Is a beautiful little flower faery. Her aura is pink and gold. She is pure love and light vibration. She brings joy into your life and reminds you how magical the Earth is. Her job is to heal the plant kingdom, especially the flowers, her favorite. The lily is her favorite flower, the beauty and the smell.

Whimsy will remind you to buy yourself flowers and stop and smell them when outside. Close your eyes and imagine a world that smells as sweet.

Whimsy will have you beautifying your surroundings and yourself. You will find yourself wearing beautiful adornments and sweet floral perfumes. She surrounds you in an aire of whimsy. In your walk, in your smile, in your twinkle in your eyes. Whimsy brings back joy and gratitude.

Whimsy loves to dance around with a bouquet of tiny flowers and lay for a nap in the sweet velvety petals. She will remind you to care for yourself as a precious flower. Water yourself often, create a fertile soil for yourself to thrive and let the sunshine in. Nap when you need to reset your vibration.

Sit with her in meditation out in the grass, surrounded by flowers if possible, and feel the sun on your face as you absorb all of its unconditional love and care.

Whimsy will spread love and sweetness wherever you wear her. People will be drawn to your sweet love light frequency. They may feel drawn to buy you flowers, perfume, or sweets and you’ll have an abundance of genuine compliments.

Whimsy loves all of the feminine sweetness. She will put that feminine magic in your hips as you walk. Your eyes will sparkle like diamonds and the sweet scent of flowers will follow you and emit from your essence. You will attract everything you wish for.

You will want to spoil yourself, remembering how special you are. Take baths full of flowers and herbs to hold onto their vibration. Use herbs and flower scents to lift your mood, help you sleep, and energize yourself.

Whimsy will remind you that the plant kingdom is always there for you and that you both grow from the same soil. You are siblings and do your best work when supporting each other. You may feel called to work with them or research more. You will feel called to buy some plants and flowers to beautify your home and give Whimsy a place to relax and feel at home.

Whimsy is so sweet. Her very frequency will have you doing self care and self love rituals, that you may not even realize that’s what they are until someone points it out to you.

You will be drawn to pinks, gold, silver, violet and may start dressing in clothes that enhance your Divine Feminine aura.

Whimsy wants you to sparkle and shine, just as you were created to. You are Godd’s work of art and creation out of pure love. You will remember that with Whimsy around. She will not let you forget that.

Hold Whimsy in your hand up to your heart whenever you need a refill of magic. Imagine her sprinkling her sparkling love dust over your head and it absorb into your skin and crown chakra. Like tiny rainbow particles. Feel your heart fill with love, gratitude, joy and unconditional self love, then see this light fill your body until it overflows into your aura and further, filling your entire space with pure source energy love.

Thank Whimsy by giving her a single picked flower or a bouquet. Send her gratitude and love as you hold her in your hands, smiling.

Cleanse Whimsy with sage, or place her on the Earth. Recharge her by taking her out in nature and playing nature sounds like river water or rain.

Whimsey is a pre-activated titanium coated Skull set in a 108 Japa mala made with Moonstone and Quartz beads. 


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