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Is an aquatic mermaid Being from the cold Atlantic Ocean. She has beautiful light blue eyes, icy blue hair, pale skin and her aura is the color of an iceberg. She is a playful mermaid that will show you her beautiful realm if you like. Whirlpool, as the name suggests, has the ability to open an energy vortex that looks like a tunnel that you can utilize to help your soul’s ascension. She works with your three upper chakras to assist you with your spiritual journey. She activates and expands your chakras to help you connect and receive divine guidance and integrate the insights through your throat chakra. Whirlpool can also assist you with shadow work that you carry from your previous lifetimes. When you are connecting with Whirlpool, she will open up a window for you to see the glimpse of your past lives that will help you find out the roots of your trauma and shadow. Whirlpool connects with you through a vision and or meditation. She will lovingly invite you on a journey to discover your soul and help your soul grow. Let go of your expectations and welcome Whirlpool’s energy.  Allow her to take you on an adventure towards love and light.

Whirlpool is a pre-activated elongated Lapis Lazuli Crystal Skull measuring 1 1/2"L and weighing 1.1 ounces. 


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