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White Light (Wotano)

Is an Atlantanean Healer who ascended to a 7th dimension and transitioned to a light Being. White Light is the master of solitude. She uses solitude to help you to connect with your soul. She assists you with helping your highest self to lead while still being gentle and loving toward your ego. Her energy will help to bring you inner peace and help you with worries and anxiety. Call on White Light to help you to ground and eliminate mental chatter.
Hold her close to you when you are doing energy healing work such as reiki. Her energy will amplify the reiki. Let go of your expectations and be open to receiving White Light's guidance.  Allow her to assist you in raising your frequency.
Spend time meditating, praying and communicating with White Light in nature if possible.
Cleanse her with water and sage. White Light is a pre-activated Quartz Crystal Skull weghing 1/4 o a pound and measuring 1 3/4"L

White Light

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