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I am an elemental air dragon that resides above the clouds. I have a long white body that shines under the sun.

I blow the clouds to provide shade for earth inhabitants that need shelter. I blow the rain clouds to any location that requires water to help the earth grow and prosper.

I am a playful dragon that will bring the light of unconditional love into your heart with my unconditional love.

When you are holding me, my essence radiates peaceful energy that will make you feel loved and safe.

I protect from negative entities and lower energy by surrounding your aura with my white light.

I take care of you by bringing you blessings, luck, and prosperity.

I am a loyal friend, and I am a generous dragon. You can call me White Whisker.

I like to take you on a journey to see my world. It brings me happiness when I see your eyes light up.

I love the sound of rainstorms and my energy feels strongest during them.

Please connect with me while you listen to the sound of rain and open your heart to accept my friendship.

White Whisker is a preactivated 2"L elongated Smoky Quartz Crystal Skull weighing 1.8 ounces.

White Whisker

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