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Wicce (pronounced wiss ee)

You can call her Wicce. She was here during the patriarchal takeover. She was a wise woman, a healer, an herbalist and birther of babies.

She says provisions were becoming scarce when the church men arrived. The last winter was long and cold. There were just starting to get back on their feet in her little village. They had never heard the word Witch before. Everyone lived together in peace and helped each other before the forced separation and forced turning against each other. She says our movies and history is wrong and do not portray truth, only the church men’s lies. It was peaceful before they came. You had to work hard, but there was peace and celebrations.

They called her Rebeka. She wanted to tell her story first. I respect that. She sees what is happening now with the returning of the old ways and peace in the future and she wants to help. Also, Humanity is learning that focused intention is everything, her specialty.

Wicce wants to teach you the olde ways. The true ways. She will show you how to be more self sustainable and creative, living in cooperation with the Earth Mother, and how to utilize the things in your environment. She will remind you of your Sovereignty.

She loves plants and herbs and healing, both people and the Earth Mother. She always knew exactly what they needed by talking to the herbs and plants. She collected rocks and sticks to make things, art.

Wicce wants to create again, with you. She has a free spirit and will have you enjoying your freedom to the fullest. She will share her wisdom with you, although she was a young woman when she left, she had the knowledge of a wise Elder.

Wicce wants to teach you to talk to plants and the Earth. To know just what is needed for each unique situation. If you don’t drink tea and wonder about herbal medicine or plant medicine, you may start to. She wants to show you how to grow food and herbs, they are the medicine! Their vibration mixes with ours and resets it.

Wicce will take you back to the lands and have you picking up small stones and sticks on your walks. She wants you barefoot on the Earth and talking to the Elders of YOUR clan to gain even more wisdom and insight. Secrets only YOUR Ancestors know. She will connect you with them and set up meetings between you.

Wicce will teach you how to heal your own body and if you choose to share, help others heal.

Wicce doesn’t know what doubt is, to doubt yourself. She just does what needs to be done and you will start to loose any self doubt working with her. She shows you that you are capable, are complete, and are not lacking in anything.

Wicce finds joy in the sweet little things and so will you. Finding joy in whatever tasks you must do each day, by being completely present in your body doing each one. Wicce will bring a peace to your heart. She teaches if you need or want something you go get it or create it, period! No convincing yourself uncapable. She takes over and drowns out that other voice in your head that seems to work against you. She replaces it with encouragement and facts and eventually you are only interested in solutions, not negative fantasies that have been made up and will in fact never actually happen.

Wicce liked to write and may cultivate that in you. She kept a journal and tracked what each herb liked to do and how they could help us. She kept her recipes that seemed to always work exactly as intended.

Wicce will connect you with your Ancestors, elementals and nature spirits. Teach you how to communicate with them and learn which ones want to help you for different things. She shows you that the entire universe is conspiring FOR you, never against you and how to co-create with it. She introduces you back to the magic inside all of us and how to find your niche by listening and following what sets your heart ablaze. Wear her and be led to the perfect things you need each day.

Cleanse Wicce by any elemental means really. Earth, water, fire (sage smoke), or air incense).


#4 Jasper Crystal Skull with natural Garnet, Wood and Onyx Beads created in a 108 Japa Skull Mala.


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