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The Tree Fairy

Willow is a sweet little Tree Fairy who enjoy’s being in a natural environment around forests, trees and animals. 

Willow loves to listen to music and enjoys stormy nights especially when the wind blows and howls though the trees. 

Willow believes that incidental weather ~changes the ionic fields, purifying and cleansing the air. Willow is very concerned with climate issues and encourages our awareness. 

Willow has a special connection to all creatures of the forest and considers them as her friends. 

Willow will connect us to nature’s wonders and get us outside for self care too.

You may call on Willow by name, or ring a bell to alert her attention to meditate with you. 

When working with Willow sit in a quiet position and visualizing yourself surrounded by Willow Trees in a beautiful forest. Clear your mind of any stress or mental chatter, relax and enjoy your own awareness and breathe.

Willow is outgoing and adventurous and she will definitely encourage you to get outdoors. 

She is a protective energy, but will not interact directly only navigate you away from unforeseen events or incidence. Willow is a very kind, healing and peaceful energy she will always have her keepers best interest at heart. 

Willow is facilitator of the Heart Chakra.

Willow is a Pink Calcite Fully Activated Crystal Skull weighing just under 2 lbs and measures 4" in length.


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