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Wink Turtle 

Here in a crystal clear pond, nestled amongst the lush tall grassy shore, a small Turtle sits on the edge of a driftwood log.

He’s sees you, he knows who you are.

Wink has been waiting to tell you some fantastic turtle stories, all with nugget’s of wisdom peppered in. 

Wink Turtle is the symbol of The Way Of Peace, whether peace is inviting you to cultivate a peace of mind, or a peaceful relationship or peace with our internal environment. 

Turtles are as patient as a Monk (he wink’s at us because he is a monk) Wink states,

I was first a turtle before I was yet a Monk. Now I find I was always the Turtle.

Wink will help you focus inward into your own Turtle Shell to reflect on your emotional and spiritual development.

Wink Turtle physically embodies the earthly plane, that grounds us to earths wellbeing vibes. 

He can help you slow down and pace yourself, so you can take your next step with more confidence.

To work with Wink Turtle sit with him in meditation and use your personal Mantras or Affirmations.

Do this slowly with intention, and maybe even at a turtle‘s pace, stay focused on your breathing. 

Ask for needs, counseling‘s or healings.

Wear him with the same intentions.

Wink Turtle is the Facilitator of the third eye chakra.


Wink is a pre-activated Jasper Crystal Skull 108

This mala is made with the highest grade Lapis & Labradorite Beads and its full Reading is included. 

Wink Turtle

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