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Wish’s energy is made of sacred smokeless fire.

She is a female genie who comes from the Rub Al-Khali, the largest desert in the world that is located in Saudi.
She shows herself as a beautiful and graceful female spirit. Her aura is the color of milky white.
Wish works with your heart chakra. She utilizes her sacred fire to purify and cleanse your heart chakra.
She assists you with shadow work and helps you integrate your shadow and do deep internal healing.
Just like her name, she assists in manifestation work and ceremonies.
Her best interest is to help attract your wishes to come true.
Wish protects your space and yourself as well.
She protects you from dark energies and lower vibrational entities.
She helps you to attract blessings and opportunities.

Wish loves hard working people with kind hearts.
Treat Wish with respect and kindness. Offer her incense and spend time meditating with her.
Call on her when you need her assistance and feel her loving energy around you. Wish is a pre-activated Smoky Quartz elongated Crystal Skull.


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