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Wish Master💫

Is an ascended Fire Elemental Being made of smokeless fire -10 feet tall with icy blue eyes and long hair.

This Being manifests your desire and says that manifesting requires a calm and receptive heart.

He helps you with the necessary preparations to attain a state of peacefulness.

He takes you through your thoughts and intuitive nudges. Sometimes appears in your dreams as a shooting star.

He holds space for you to successfully follow your soul’s purpose working with your heart chakra to access your soul’s plan to see which deep desires you feel align with your purpose.

Under his guidance, you’ll learn to work with your mind and ego. Through working with hom you will grow to be the master of your mind and use your intellect to benefit you as he powerfully assists with necessary healing and letting go of old energies that no longer serve you.

Wish Master will also open your heart in order to help you serve the collective with love and compassion.

Together you and him will attract blessings and make your dreams come true. 

Wish Master is an Activated powerful Black Obsidian Skull Being Japa Mala made with Turquoise and Onyx beads.

Wish Master

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