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Wisteria is a Warrior Goddess! Her power is in the storms, lightening, hurricanes, winds, tsunamis, etc. She works with the elements of mainly air and water.

She rides upon an Ethereal Water Dragon.

Wisteria whips up the energy around you and focuses it to your desires. She will help you harness your own power and tap into the elements you are associated with.

Wisteria goes after what is rightfully hers and what she desires. If you own your own business are an entrepreneur or just run your household, she is a great companion. She reminds you of your worth and the power you hold inside of you. You were born with great strengths and she wants to help you discover, or rediscover, them.

Wisteria works with the Root chakra and the third eye. She will teach you to ground often when you are working in the higher chakras and energies.

Meditate with Wisteria and she will give you a peek on the other side of the veil. She will help you to astral travel and to open your first eye (third eye). Give her permission to help you and show you the swiftest, smoothest path to where you are trying to go.

She loves deep dark purples and reds, if you want to thank her for her help these colored flowers would be a nice gesture.

Wisteria will not tell you to weather the storms, she will show you how to harness their energy and ride them into your destiny.

Cleanse Wisteria in running water, storm water, or rain water. Cleanse her in the sage smoke. During storms sit her in the window sill or take her outside to cleanse and reenergize her.

Wisteria is a pre-activated Amethyst and Garnet 108 Skull Japa Mala.


$333.00 Regular Price
$300.00Sale Price
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