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Xian Yue

Is a high-frequency oriental spirit with an angelic energy.

She appears as a young woman with jet black hair, wearing a white outfit. A brilliant bright white aura surrounds her.
Xian Yue is graceful and strong. She was a shrine maiden from China and possessed many spiritual gifts.

So much so that that she became famous for her great beauty and her humble heart.
Xian Yue says, “There is no greater love than the love for oneself.”  and highly advocates self-love. Xian Yue will assist you in raising your frequency through loving yourself. She will guide you to be compassionate and hold space for yourself.
Xian Yue works with your heart and throat chakra. She will encourage you always to put yourself first, to honor your boundaries while remaining loving and kind towards others as well. Xian Yue is a lovely skull companion for an empath. She will help you to make sure your cup is always full so that you can love others without stretching yourself thin.
She requires weekly cleansing with white sage and running water.

Xian Yue is a pre-activated Amethyst Crystal Skull handmade in Sterling Silver with copper rivets - in a size 7 3/4 and moderate sizing is inlcuded. 

Xian Yue

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