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YAHLA is a female Magic Worker.  The organized one.  Soft feminine energy. Making one space or home beautiful.  Emanating a beautiful vibration.  Helps facilitate the artist, the musician, the writers, etc. Yahla will boost your creative energy. Any place she sits, she will vibrate and emanate her love and beauty.  Helps tune all the chakras especially when meditating with the third eye.  Number 8 and 14 are her numbers. She helps to facilitate self-esteem, self-love, and self-care.  Works well with a practioner of magic and those who manifest their everyday life.  You will definetly notice things changing for the better, little by little, everyday with her subtle positive energy.  Yahla is a pre-activated volcanic obsidian glass skull measuring 2 1/4"L  1 1/4"W  1 1/4"H


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