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The Pomegranate Goddess

Many holy scripts refer to the pomegranate and her seeds paying homage to the beauty of the blooming pomegranate flower and the taste of her sweet red fruit. 

Zakuro is the symbol of prosperity, passion and fertility of a good life.

She is also of the daughter fruit from the divine Mother Goddess Gaia.

Zakuro is full of life and joy she’s evergreen all throughout the year,

barring her perfectly ripen seeds each fall. 

Zakuro reminds us to attribute our life’s blessings and challenges to it the education of our immortal soul.

She reminds us in time many seeds from a single fruit burgeoning into thousands and thousands of blessings. 

Zakuro brings great fortune enabling you to go after what you desire to prosper in life. 

Zakuro multiplies prosperity in your life making sure everything will work out for the best and in abundance.

To work with Zakuro use each bead of your mala as blessed pomegranate seeds, work though your personal mantras or prayers being mindful of each seed charging with positive intentions.

Work up from Zakuro and then back down again 3 times, not crossing over her head and Configured like an upside down U shape. 

Wear her anytime you’d like for protection and confidence, White Sage her often to cleanse any negative vibes collected.

Zakuro is facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra. Zakuro is a 108Japa Mala handmade with a pre-activated Crystal Quartz Skull , Rhodonite, Garnet and Rose Quartz Beads.


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