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Zarin ⭐️ 

Is a young male Golden Star Being that lives in the 10th dimensional universe. He is made of living Golden light and his mission is to raise consciousness and activate the light body.

Zarin will help you move into a way of life more conducive to higher energy and better health bringing a path to greater happiness.

Zarin will place himself into your energy field and will remain there for life or as long as you desire, activating the Golden Light vibration.

You will be sent upgrades and channels of information by way of meditations and dreams.

To begin working with Zarin sit quietly in meditation 🧘begin to ground yourself by chanting OM feel the love and compassion radiating from your heart chakra and Golden light pouring into your Crown Chaka this is just the beginning of your Golden pathway.
Connect with Zarin daily, focusing on healthy plant food’s and pure water to stay well. Practice meditation, yoga or Thai Chi to help energy balance.

Zarin is a 2 lb Peruvian Pyrite Crystal Skull with its natural crystalline structure intact. 


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