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Was born amongst the ancient race of giants.

His race is created from the Union of Heaven and Earth.

Zion is a guardian that will assist you in manifesting your dreams. He will attract the help you need in the physical realm and create a plan to realize your wishes.

Zion is also a teacher that will guide you to unearth your potential. His energy will give you confidence, and he will help you see your true potential and help you embody your power.

Zion values integrity, and he will help you hold integrity to yourself by allowing you to honor your boundaries. He will help you to treasure and love yourself before others.

Zion brings the energy of protection and will also protect your energy from dark entities that wish to drain your energy.

Spend time meditating with Zion outside under the sun when you feel called. Zion utilizes the Sun energy to cleanse your aura and KA channels.

His energy manifests in the form of guidance, nudges, and deep knowing. He also brings advice and opportunities through helpful people that will come to your circle.

Offer Zion your gratitude, and cleanse him with water and loving prayers.


More info:

His people used to roam the earth.

Zion was a warrior of light. He was the general that fought on the front line on the battlefield. His five trusted commanders always accompanied Zion. Together they would march to the battlefield, hoisting the flag of Sun. A symbol of their light. Zion and his race fought countless battles and were allies of the Archangels and Angels.

Zion shows himself as an 18 feet tall man. He has a muscular body and wearing his battlefield armor. He wears a red bandana that he ties on his forehead.


Zion is a pre-activated Cultured Amber Crystal Skull measuring 6"L and 2 pounds and 2.22 ounces. There is a Scorpian in this Skull. 


$777.00 Regular Price
$444.00Sale Price
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