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This Amazing Retreat will be held March 15 - 19, 2023 in a Beautiful Private Retreat Residency in Costa Rica called, Tierra Sagrada.
Included:  All Vegan Protein-Conscious Organic Meals provided for your entire stay.

Please note:

This is a non-substance Retreat. No alcoholic beverages, and it is recommended that you are 72 hours substance free prior to your arrival.
We will have a divinely guided mix of activities that include solo and group meditation/reflection, movement, yoga, writing, group processing - all meant to stimulate heart, mind, body and soul. Every activity - group or solo - will be in flow to provide the highest level of transformational attainment to blossom for all participants. 

This All-Inclusive Retreat includes transportation from the SJO Airport Vicinity and three conscious organic meals a day. Also included are all sacred rituals, sacred fires, beach and waterfall excursions. 

Space is limited to 6 participants. If you would like to register or have more questions, please see the FAQ, Gallery and or the Accommodations page links posted below.  If you still have questions, please feel free to email Aravel at: or text her at: 408-499-6152. You may also contact Teo Simu at: 


Blossoming one’s “Crystalline Evolution” into its fullest Expression...            
Facilitated by Aravel's Mediumship Mastery.

The Diamond is the King of the Crystalline Kingdom. 
Did you know a diamond starts its journey as a piece of black coal that after thousands of years, under intense heat and pressure, becomes purified and beautifully brilliant. Having witnessed and experienced the Crystalline Evolution within my own physical and energetic body instrument, the diamond’s journey best explains the “Diamond Illumination” process (which happens in much less time because of the quickening effect.)  I am truly honored

at this time to be sharing and facilitating this Divine Alchemy for all those who are called.

Know there is an intensity that comes with The Crystalline Evolution, and as such, a sacred alchemy is ignited for each participant - facet by scintillating facet.

The Diamond Level Illumination is an incomprehensible process of transmutation that reconfigures one’s biological energetics to its highest order.  
And as the Divine Feminine is healed and fully Empowered in Women, the healing of the Divine Feminine in Men will be ignited.

Engraved in my heart is the intention that this IGNITION Retreat initiates all who attend. If you are fully open and available to undergo this alchemical transmutation into the Diamond Level of Illumination, you will also be simultaneously up-graded spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.  

Blessings to you for the trust and courage to allow Source and Divine Grace to Dance in your Heart.

See you in the luscious jungle of Costa Rica!
Aravel Garduno~​

For more information contact: 

Conscous Medium Healer: Aravel Garduno   
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Meet our Yoga Instructor: Liliana Suryastra 

Born and raised in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Liliana Salas had her first 90-day mindfulness meditation immersion in 2015 led by Mickela Rae.  In 2019 Liliana started a consistent asana practice and has come to understand yoga as a lifestyle.  In 2021 she completed her yoga instructor certificate in shamanic healing yoga in the Sacred Valley, Peru. By the School Yoga Institute program. 


Liliana considers herself passionate about the healing arts. In sessions, Liliana holds space for a collective meditation; guiding a vinyasa-inspired flow traditional to Eastern culture. She incorporates meditation, pranayama and asana into a holistic practice that cultivates unity and wellness in the community.


As a profession, Liliana is an esthetician that understands the importance of breathing and environment in order to reach a relaxation state.


With a background of classical violin; Liliana also offers sessions of sound healing baths and electronic music sets as a believer of music as a creator of a joyful space. 

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